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About snackpot

It was 1999 when.. Oh wait, the story doesn’t start like that.

It was 2019 when I was asked to scram from the job I held so dearly.  Oh wait, this start sounds about right.

That was not the turning point for the start of Snackpot, though.

I think the seeds were sown years back. The seeds were sown when I had no healthy eating options around in the canteen of the manufacturing company where I started my career from. The seeds were sown and started germinating when , even after several complaints about the hygiene levels of the food served in the canteen were not heeded. A cockroach or 2 in there is not so bad, is it? The taste isn’t great, so what? Well you accept, because guess what, most manufacturing plants are located outside the city. And if you were like me, running around, juggling a million things, you would have neglected or overlooked your food habits many times. Of course, when you harbor big dreams at a young age, you want to please the world. Even if it means, you focus less on your own self.

But the accumulation of the less focus on oneself, culminates into a gigantic ball of neglect. A neglect that affects your health, your immunity levels and propels you towards frequent trips to the hospital.

Why should you wait to reach the tipping point? With so much information available at a click today, as compared to earlier, why stay ignorant? Why not OPT for inculcating healthier eating habits that make you focus better at work, have an optimistic attitude towards life and in general, make you feel better about yourself?

So I started Snackpot. Are chips the only way to kill your hunger pangs? Or is it that deep fried samosa and pakoda enticing you from across the street? Given our Indian palate, of course, we are bound to be inclined towards them. But the inclination can be overpowered by a small change in outlook. We actually have a rich food culture. Our roots have always had healthy aspects intertwined since eons.

So I combined the yogurt- (which has excellent probiotic properties) with fruits (or dry fruits), honey and my version of crunchy oats. And put all of it a glass jar and layered it to give you the right explosion of flavours in your mouth. With no added preservatives, you relish the jar even more!

Look no further, if you are one of those who wishes to start healthy, but hasn’t yet. Look no further, if you are one of those who wants to eat fruits, because the little voice deep down somewhere reminds you that it is healthy, but you find it boring as is. Look no further, if you want to eat something with no added sugar, but that which makes you feel that you have taken the right step towards healthy.

The journey of a lifetime begins with a small step. Take your small step, with snackpot!

About the Founder

Sudeepta Sahu

Sudeepta Sahu


With a decade of corporate experience in my kitty, armed with an MBA from Indian School of Business, a fitness conscious person and a person with passion and flair, aspiring to provide healthier, hygienic eating options to everyone, with a goal to inspire you to take that small step, towards whatever you wish to do in life…

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